“Laura and I rooted our family in Leesburg because it is an incredible place to live, work, and receive an education. As someone who knows first hand what kind of leadership and commitment to service is required to make sure our community continues to be a great place to raise a family, I am proud to support Kelly Burk for mayor. I am confident Kelly will work hard to keep our local economy strong and welcoming for all.”

Attorney General Mark Herring


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So sad to see. The Wild Goose and the Yummy Pig had a kitchen fire and it impacted the entire building. No one was hurt. Dawn and Michael O’Connor own the building and will be working to repair the building as soon as possible. Not an easy job at all!! Will miss both establishments. I was so looking forward to getting the vaccine so I could actually go into the Wild Goose and Yummy Pig.

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I should not be surprised but they are back again! Some Leesburg residents were greeted this morning with KKK flyers on their lawns. If you have a camera on your door and it recorded anyone dropping flyers, please send the recording to the police. The police are investigating so any information the public might have to catch these people could be very useful.

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On January 11-12, 2021, the Leesburg Town Council held it first work session and meeting. It was great to have our new members join the council for their first meeting. We had a few organizational items we needed to address. We made decision to send discussion of a new Code of Ethics, removing the invocation before the town council meeting, changes to the Leesburg Airport Commission to future work sessions.
I am in favor of creating and signing a code of ethics to remind the council members of their roles and responsibilities, I am in favor of removing the invocation before the town council meeting, to often the invocation is used to praise one-person supreme deity to the exclusion of other people seated in the audience that do not share that belief. While I personally start every meeting with a prayer, it is silent but important to me. The changes to the airport commission I support to make the commission more open, transparent, and welcoming of different voices and ideas. This is very controversial to many on the airport commission, and I have received praise and push back for the idea. I feel strongly that the proposed changes will make the commission stronger and better.
We, also, asked the town manager to come up with selection of locations to house the mayor’s office and town council workstations and meeting room.
We got a briefing on the request from the Utilities Director to have Leesburg exempt from the Disconnect Moratorium for Delinquent Account. The utilities department has some customers that either cannot or will not pay their bills. The utilities asked for us to request an exemption to the moratorium so that they could work with individuals who are delinquent and create a payment plan. There are two important components to this issue. The concern that if we wait till the moratorium is over the individual amount due will be overwhelming for the customer and the ability to get assistant will have diminished by then.
The utilities department wants to reach out to the delinquent customers making sure they are aware there are state and county agencies and charities that will help with delinquent accounts and that the town will come up with payment program. There is no intention to shut off water but to get the customer help to allow the customers to catch up, get help or create a payment plan.
Summary of the Jan 11-12 Leesburg Town Council.

We voted all the new appointments to the town commissions, elected Marty Martinez Vice Mayor, approved a motion to allow boards and commission to meet virtually, and ended with a closed session on the Boundary Line Adjustment. This item will be coming to the public soon. Finally, we approved a resolution to demand Delegate LaRock step down due to his comments about the “Stop the Steal” protest and his encouraging people to support Trump in the protests. He continues to share untrue allegation about the election and supported overturning the election.

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  • The Loudoun Museum Board of Trustees presented a hopeful future to Leesburg Town Council Monday night, earning council’s confidence to renew the downtown building’s lease. Council hosted a roundtable work session to discuss how the town could work with the museum once it reopens. “You can get to a point where a museum is good enough, and I think that Loudoun County wisely, in conjunction with the town, decided that what was good enough is not good enough anymore,” said … read more

  • The long walk to downtown Leesburg from public parking lots could become a quick golf cart ride. Leesburg Town Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to initiate a staff study about how and where the town might allow golf carts on public streets. The move was inspired when a transportation business, Cartwheels, asked if it could start ferrying visitors downtown from the far-flung Liberty and Pennington lots. According to Mayor Kelly Burk, who saw some of the business’s proposal, the golf carts would be … read more