Rezoning for Oaklawn

On Thursday I attended the Leesburg Planning Commission. There were over forty Stratford residents that were speaking in opposition to a rezoning on the Oaklawn Property. They made some significant points of opposition and it really made me look at the project from another point of view. I can only hope that the developer heard the residents,also, and is willing to make the requested changes. They were promised, when they moved into their development, that Oaklawn would build eating establishments, retail stores and entertainment options that the residents could walk over to and enjoy. Oaklawn is asking for a re zoning of the entire land as light industrial. If there is to be a business there that assembles devices then the residents want more buffering, specific route for trucks, a lighting plan, and a plan to limit noise. None of that was agreed to by the developer so the residents are mad and I don’t blame them. The Town Council sees this application this Tuesday. It will be interesting to see if there are any changes to the application.