Mayor of Leesburg, Virginia

“Laura and I rooted our family in Leesburg because it is an incredible place to live, work, and receive an education. As someone who knows first hand what kind of leadership and commitment to service is required to make sure our community continues to be a great place to raise a family, I am proud to support Kelly Burk for mayor. I am confident Kelly will work hard to keep our local economy strong and welcoming for all.”

Attorney General Mark Herring


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19 hours ago

Kelly Burk, Leesburg

Good evening. I hope everyone is doing well tonight.

As we all struggle with the isolation from our friends and other family members, I hope that we all learn a few things from this awful situation.

I hope we learn that we are resilient and are capable of being stronger than we thought we were.

I hope that we do not take anyone of our family, friends or acquaintances for granted and we begin to make time for them.

I hope that while we are being safe that we take the time to learn something new – either a new language, a new idea for how we will run our businesses, how to think strategically.

I hope we all pay more attention to planning for our futures and those of our children and loved ones.

I hope we consider writing a personal mission statement and think about how we want to be remembered and adjust our plans for the future accordingly.

I hope we all figure out to have fun in more simple ways.

I hope we take the time to write down all the ideas we have in our head for that next great invention, or the next great business tactic, or even taking an idea you might have for a business that could be your own.

I hope we learn how important it is to take care of our health and not believe that we are invincible.

I hope we realize that others may be dealing with a mental illness that they won’t admit for fear of retribution and need our support.

And I truly hope the following.

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Be careful folks, there’s bears out there and we want there to be more! Leesburg is participating in a fun new way to keep young kids entertained while still practicing safe social distancing. Please put a teddy bear in one of your front windows where it’s easily visible from the street. Families with small children are out walking around, looking for as many bears as they can find. This ties in with the popular children’s book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury and is a great way to help get little ones reading and out moving around at a time when they’re missing social interaction. Please help make this fun for the little ones and if you see a bear hunter, give them a wave! #GoingOnABearHunt #PutYourBearsOut #SocialDistancing #Covid19

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The Health Department has declared that the Covid-19 is now in community spread in Loudoun. That means every Loudoun community has Covid-19 cases, Leesburg, Purcellville……… everywhere in the county.

Leesburg residents are doing a great job of following the directives, from washing hands, no more than 10 people in a group each standing 6ft apart, staying at home and coughing in your elbow. Keep following the steps, enjoy nature’s Spring show and stay safe.

I hope to have more information soon about financial programs to help the small business that have had to close down during the crisis. As soon as I do I will send it out.

Also your sharing these posts helps to get the word out to even more people. So please continue to share these posts to your facebook friends. Thank you.

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  • The Loudoun Museum Board of Trustees presented a hopeful future to Leesburg Town Council Monday night, earning council’s confidence to renew the downtown building’s lease. Council hosted a roundtable work session to discuss how the town could work with the museum once it reopens. “You can get to a point where a museum is good enough, and I think that Loudoun County wisely, in conjunction with the town, decided that what was good enough is not good enough anymore,” said … read more

  • The long walk to downtown Leesburg from public parking lots could become a quick golf cart ride. Leesburg Town Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to initiate a staff study about how and where the town might allow golf carts on public streets. The move was inspired when a transportation business, Cartwheels, asked if it could start ferrying visitors downtown from the far-flung Liberty and Pennington lots. According to Mayor Kelly Burk, who saw some of the business’s proposal, the golf carts would be … read more