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“Laura and I rooted our family in Leesburg because it is an incredible place to live, work, and receive an education. As someone who knows first hand what kind of leadership and commitment to service is required to make sure our community continues to be a great place to raise a family, I am proud to support Kelly Burk for mayor. I am confident Kelly will work hard to keep our local economy strong and welcoming for all.”

Attorney General Mark Herring


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Shad Plank: The kids had an idea about goats — but the Senators said not so fast

JAN 14, 2020 | 5:19 PM
There’s a stretch of Town Branch, a creek in Leesburg, that the town has to keep clear of weeds and shrubs to meet federal flood control rules. After enough workers sprained ankles and suffered other injuries on the uncertain footing of the creek’s rip rap, town officials figured they’d tackle the chore with herbicide.
But after a field trip down to the creek, some of the town’s schoolkids noticed a lot of dead fish. There seemed to be fewer turtles than usual, not as many birds.
They decided the spraying was the problem. And they came up with an alternative, Mayor Kelly Burk told the state Senate Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources committee Tuesday.
So the town borrowed a herd of a few dozen from a nearby farmer, set them down by Town Branch and over two weeks last spring and a follow-up week in the fall, took care of its obligation to keep the creek clear of overgrowth.
But town officials weren’t entirely sure it was OK. So they asked state Sen. Jennifer Boysko, D-Loudoun, what to do.
She decided to add a line to the section of the Code of Virginia prohibiting discharges of wastes into the state’s waterways.
And yes, that includes some things goats and other livestock do after digesting food.
That’s where Boysko and the kids from Leesburg ran into trouble.
Virginia is trying to keep livestock out of creeks and streams — mostly cattle, and mostly because they can excrete a fair amount of waste.
Cattle are different, Boysko said.
“They’re a different size,” she started and then paused, wracking her memory for good ways to elaborate to the Senate’s ag experts.
“Goats don’t like to be in streams, like cattle do,” she finally said.
But some senators worried the bill was too broad — it might let goats graze along streams where the state is trying to encourage trees and bushes to grow, in order to absorb the fertilizer and animal waste runoff that all too often ends up in the Bay.
They suggested amending to say towns could enact goat grazing ordinances, or Boysko’s law could be amended to set time or location limits on when goats might to loosed to graze.
Farm lobbyists meanwhile, somewhat wistfully said it’d be nice to have clearer rules about when short-term permission to graze by stream might be allowed to cattle.
The end result — senators call it the deliberative process — was a direction to Boysko to come back next week with new wording.
“I don’t know what I’m going to tell the children,” Burke said, afterward.

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2 days ago

Kelly Burk, Leesburg

INOVA’s Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is only one of 19% of the Best Nursing Home for 2019 rated by US News.We are honored that Mayor Kelly Burk and the Town of Leesburg Town Council presented us with a proclamation last night recognizing Inova Loudoun Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (ILNRC) for our designation by U.S. News and World Report as a Best Nursing Home for 2019-2020. Only 19% of US skilled nursing facilities have received this honor.

ILNRC earned Best Nursing Home status by achieving a rating of "High Performing," the highest possible rating, for Short-Term rehabilitation. Congratulations to our team and thank you to Kelly Burk, Leesburg and the Town of Leesburg, Virginia.

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This is a summary from last night’s Town Council meeting.

The Leesburg Town Council had a presentation last night from the county regarding the “Revitalization Area Designation” . The purpose of the designation is to “provide the opportunity for an apartment developer to use Tax Credits financing within the Joint Land Management Area. This designation will cover the entire Joint Land Management Area including Compass Creek, River Creek, Woodlea Hills and the Leesburg Airport. In my opinion there are locations within the JLMA that are not appropriate locations for apartment ADUs (affordable dwelling units). All three areas are already developed. In addition, Compass Creek is an inappropriate location for any residential because of its proximity to the airport. The town council has made it clear in the past that apartments or any more residential close to the airport is not appropriate.
Supervisor Umstattd has asked county staff to break the JLMA down into discrete sections that need to be handled differently and she suggested staff look at the Town’s Annexation/Boundary Line Adjustment maps which do just that.
Now that the Town Council has heard the presentation, the Council needs to weigh in on this designation. The TC discuss will be schedule for the next town council meeting in January.

The Council held a public hearing on the Shops at Compass Creek. This is the area where ION Training Facility and Walmart are located. It is next to the airport. There was a discussion on the building designs and the applicant agreed to work with the BAR to find a different design for two of the buildings. This application will allow four restaurants with a drive thru. It was approved by council.

During the petitioner section we heard from a group of students who are organizing a youth summit on sustainable environmental town policy. They needed a fee waiver to allow them to use Ida Lee for the summit location. The council approve the waiver. The Youth Summit will be held May 31, 2pm to 5pm. Topic to be discussed will be recycling and waste management, the watershed policies and clean energy. The students will be coming back to council with policy recommendations.

Council member Fox made a motion to discuss term limits for the council and mayor. The Mayor must run for re-election every 2 years and the council every 4 years. This will be on the Jan 27th agenda. I am obviously opposed to the idea of term limits when the mayor must run for re-election every two year there is plenty of time to vote the person out of office.

If you have an opinion on any of these items, please let me know.

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  • The Loudoun Museum Board of Trustees presented a hopeful future to Leesburg Town Council Monday night, earning council’s confidence to renew the downtown building’s lease. Council hosted a roundtable work session to discuss how the town could work with the museum once it reopens. “You can get to a point where a museum is good enough, and I think that Loudoun County wisely, in conjunction with the town, decided that what was good enough is not good enough anymore,” said … read more

  • The long walk to downtown Leesburg from public parking lots could become a quick golf cart ride. Leesburg Town Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to initiate a staff study about how and where the town might allow golf carts on public streets. The move was inspired when a transportation business, Cartwheels, asked if it could start ferrying visitors downtown from the far-flung Liberty and Pennington lots. According to Mayor Kelly Burk, who saw some of the business’s proposal, the golf carts would be … read more