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“Laura and I rooted our family in Leesburg because it is an incredible place to live, work, and receive an education. As someone who knows first hand what kind of leadership and commitment to service is required to make sure our community continues to be a great place to raise a family, I am proud to support Kelly Burk for mayor. I am confident Kelly will work hard to keep our local economy strong and welcoming for all.”

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Kelly Burk, Leesburg

As you probably have read in the papers, Leesburg Town Councilmember Tom Dunn, wrote hurtful and insulting remarks on several town proclamations, instead of just affixing his signature, and I denounce those remarks. On a proclamation for Juneteenth he wrote “Juneteenth is a celebration, Lynching is not”. On two other proclamations for Gay Pride Month and Gun Violence Month he also wrote incredibly insensitive remakes.

At the next meeting of the Council I publicly denounced Mr. Dunn for his behavior, and strongly suggested he needed to apologize to all African Americans, members of the LGBTQ community and victims of gun violence who were insulted. I did this publicly, at the beginning of Council meeting and I stand by that statement.

At last night’s meeting of the Leesburg Town Council, four motions were made by Council member Campbell. There were:
1. Discussion of censuring Council member Dunn at Tuesday Meeting.
Since this item was not on the public agenda, Council had to vote to suspend the rules, then vote to discuss censuring Council member Dunn at Tuesday meeting. I voted yes to both, which unfortunately did not pass.
2. Council member Campbell made another motion to add to the agenda of the next business meeting, a censure based on the Ethics Code 2D 1.1. Council rules of procedure do not allow next business meeting motions, if they are CONTROVERSIAL, as there would be no notice to the public. As this would be a violation of the rules, I voted against that motion.
3. Lastly, Council member Campbell made a motion to censure. Since this vote was again, not for a discussion but to censor, I voted again with the rules and against the motion to censure.

I believe Council member Dunn’s actions were not only hurtful and insulting, but also reflect badly on the Town of Leesburg. I am very proud to live in this town and represent its citizens. Recent actions like this and others have no place here and I will do everything I can to put a stop to them. There are, however, rules that the Town Council operates on to be fair and equitable to all. I will abide by those rules which we have to operate under and work to change others.

I work very hard to represent all of Leesburg residents and I will not allow this bullying behavior to distract me from my work with the community.

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For your information, Public Works recently reviewed the intersection movements at Catoctin Circle & East Market Street. As a result, it has been determined that the current No Right Turn on Red signage from Catoctin onto East Market is no longer warranted, and will be removed.

As part of a safe, public safety education effort, Public Works will install a message board for right turn traffic the week of July 15 stating that a new traffic pattern will go into effect on or about July 15. This will allow motorists to be aware of the changing pattern which has been in effect for many years. Public Works will also work with our Public Information staff to message this change through social media.

Just wanted you to be aware in case asked about it as we have had citizen requests in the past to consider the respective change. Should you have any questions, please let us know.

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During the last two years the Mayors of the Loudoun Towns (Coalition of Loudoun Towns, COLT) has been evaluating the County’s Comprehensive Plan as it has been going through the process. All the Mayors had strong concerns about the planning commission recommended plan, so we spoke at meetings and in one on one meeting with supervisors and we spoke with one voice. The comp plan is a vision and a guide to the future development of the county including the areas around the town. COLT was and is concerned about the plan’s vision involving the towns.
This final version has major flaws in it but two of the amendments truly impact the town. The first is moving a section of land outside Leesburg called P1 and P2. Taking it out of the rural designation and moving into the transition area which means that more than 2000 homes can be built there where presently there are less then 200 homes. The impact to Leesburg will be the roads and traffic. The transportation system there now is stressed and the arrival of more home creating an estimated 20,000 daily car rides daily will only add to the congestion.
The second is more insidious. Last Wednesday Supervisor Buona made an amendment. It is an amendment that would change a policy practice that has been in place for 20 years. In the area around the town where the airport is located, and the area north is called the Joint Land Management Area. The town and the county are supposed to plan that area together and the town is the first provider of water and sewer. We have been working under that plan for 20 year, so we have invested millions of dollars in sewer and water infrastructure to serve that area. With this amendment the town is no longer the first provider, Loudoun Water is. That mean all the investment we made will go fallow and be of no use. This last-minute change was made because a developer complained to certain the Board of Supervisors that Leesburg is difficult to deal with. The majority of the board change this 20 policy because a housing and data center developer was unhappy with the town process. This amendment was not shared with the town, Loudoun Water, the other property owners or the public before it was presented. We knew nothing about it. Yet it passed with Supervisors Higgins, Umstattd, Saines and Chair Randall voting against it. It is a horrible way to do the business of the county. Now all the towns know that Loudoun cannot be trusted to look out and consider the interests of the town residents, developers are more important.
As you can see, I am very unset over the action of the Board of Supervisors. However, our Supervisor Umstattd represented us with dignity and grace. Supervisor Umstattd was the only Supervisors willing to say this plan is not ready for prime time yet and she voted no on the amendment and the plan itself. The rest of the supervisors spoke about how it was not a perfect plan, everyone was mad so it must be good, the plan had flaws but mostly it was good. I never heard so many excuses to approve a bad plan. We are truly represented with Supervisor Umstattd. She stood her ground even when the other pressured her from the dais to vote with them she did not.
If you see Supervisor Umstattd, tell her thanks for her strong stand and her willingness to listen to her Leesburg residents. She makes me proud and I am proud she is our Supervisor!

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  • The long walk to downtown Leesburg from public parking lots could become a quick golf cart ride. Leesburg Town Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to initiate a staff study about how and where the town might allow golf carts on public streets. The move was inspired when a transportation business, Cartwheels, asked if it could start ferrying visitors downtown from the far-flung Liberty and Pennington lots. According to Mayor Kelly Burk, who saw some of the business’s proposal, the golf carts would be … read more